The artist Anselm Kiefer arrives to Centre Pompidou in Paris. Photos & Text by Sergio Corvacho

by Sergio Corvacho, photography by Paris Social Diary | 16 December, 2015

BLACK & WHITE An art piece from Anselm Kiefer 


ANSELM KIEFER is our favorite revolutionary fine artist of the week that presented his latest body of work this last Monday 16th december at the stunning installations at the CENTRE POMPIDOU in PARIS.

In 1969, he irrupted the german artistic scene by showing a series of controversial pieces that were conceived based on WORLD WAR II. His goal was to brake the collective amnesia after those war events in Germany.

FARAH DIVAFARAH PAHLAVI pormer empress of Iran


IMG_8558        An art piece from Anselm Kiefer 


His technique is based on blending painting, glass, vegetables, ash and lead , specially the last one which is the one that reflects the melancholia inside the artist´s process of creation which is based in REGENERATION.


SALON 2        An art piece from Anselm Kiefer 

His art is worldy known by the strength and the strong consistency of his materials, textures and enormous sizes of his art pieces, out of control heights and shapes. His sources are endless, and they are usually a connector between the past and the memories.

This show presents the viewer an immersion to his titanic universe, and a complete reflexion due to the shocking visual experience. On his first retrospective in France, the CENTRE POMPIDOU gathered a hundred and fifty pieces, presented as different chronologic themes, revealing the obsessive side of the artist born in 1945.


ANSELM KEIFER definitely created a language of his own, poetic and cathartic, full of german and universal history, myth and philosophy. There is also a big gathering of poets, thinkers and writers, from INGEBORG BACHMANN and JEAN GENET all the way to HEIDEGGER, using their thinking as a connector element between his art pieces, and the past and the present.