Art Paris Art Fair 2017 will highlighted contemporary African art

by KATERINA PROCHÁZKOVÁ, photography by | 30 March, 2017

Art Paris Art Fair 2017 is held from today to 2nd April at the Grand Palais, in the heart of the french capital city. This super artistic event is not meant to be just a simple fair of artistic stuff. It’s more an honour to the discovery of exploring European art from the post war period to the present. Every year, the main point is making contemporary art accessible to the widest audience with the assistance of the most modern tools.

Sadikou Oukpedjo Mue

139 galleries from 29 countries will be represented in the following days. There is also a possibility to make a virtual visit of the fair and search for works by artist, price, geographical provenance and technique. Every piece of art is presented with a very good and professional annotation, what makes every searching and potential purchase even more easier.

Mohau Modisakeng

Every year Art Paris Art Fair pays tribute to some of the contemporary art scene from around the world, this time organizers make a decision to cooperate with an independent curator, Marie-Ann Yemsi to make a view into a previously-unseen perspective of contemporary African art. More than twenty galleries from South Africa, Angola, C   ameroon, the Ivory Coast, Morocco, Nigeria, Uganda, Senegal and Tunisia was invited to participation, so people can choose from the works of Billie Zangewa, Garethy Nyandoro, Mohau Modisakeng, Moffat Takadiwa, Mario Macilau, Bili Bidjocka and many more. This exploration will be completed by accompanying program which contains a symposium and series of video projections (for example Landscapes of the Body is one of them, exploring the work of artists for whom the body is both the subject of their questioning and the means of expression of their art). This accompanying program will be mainly held at the Grand Palais, for 31st March 2017 is planned The Colonie “a new space designed to encourage free and independent thinking”, a discussion of encounters, initiated by the artist Kader Attia.

Chéri Samba