Red Carpet Collection 2018 An alliance of artistic crafts by CHOPARD

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by COURTESY | 4 May, 2018

The Red Carpet 2018 collection defines its tribute to Crafts, inspired by costumes and taking as location the plains of Mongolia and their traditional craftsmanship of the people, all of them transformed into an amazing feather necklace.

For the elaboration, a magnificent central piece is combined, composed of a carved gold cameo adorned with volutes of blue apatite, violet garnet and red jasper, with a necklace of rooster feathers, gray heron, ostrich and dark pheasant.

Nelly Saunier, feathered and modeled artists thanks to the domain of CHOPARD high jewelry workshops, currently the largest house in Switzerland with more than 45 specialized craftsmen collaborated in the realization of this high luxury work.

Nelly Saunier, feather artist

Sketch Red Carpet 2018

Work that reflects patience, high precision and above all passion for the detail results in a work of high quality incalculable artisanal. It is in this participation that each craftsman deposits in his creations a part of his genius and his experience, which resides all the emotion that comes from the collections of Haute Joaillerie CHOPARD.

Feather Necklace from the Red Carpet Collection

“The birds are born with this elegance, they do not lie with their appearance, they are free in the expression of their beauty, it is this spontaneity, this expression that I share” mentions Nelly Saunier, this reveals the work of the pen, soft to the touch and light of carry, is a new emotion that enters the Red Carpet Collection.

Feather Necklace from the Red Carpet Collection

The Palme d’or, redesigned by Caroline Scheufele, is a clear symbol of a brilliant collaboration. The Trophée Chopard is also being prepared, an annual prize for the new young talent actor and actress.
Caroline Scheufele, enthusiast of the movies, is secretly preparing a series of new surprises. No doubt that will ensure that CHOPARD continues to shine on La Croisette.