"Espérance" by Jean Charles de Castelbajac is presented in St Barth's

by team Paris Social Diary, photography by Courtesy | 28 July, 2016


Eden Rock Gallery, located on the beach at the iconic Eden Rock St Barths and  Art St Barth that promotes the island as an international art destination invites Jean-Charles de Castelbajac to expose Winds of Changes until August 27, 2016.

For his second exhibition at Eden Rock – St Barths, a place at the crossroads of the winds, the artist created a series of Ten flags that will be exposed on the beach in front of the gallery.


A series of drawings on cigarette paper and painted the Japanese ink tell imaginary stories, heartfelt scenes evoking Robinson Crusoe, the sea, strange animals, wilderness, far from the bustle of today’s society and in a triptych canvas, painted Castelbajac forms to Matisse, somewhere between clouds and flowers.

This new work from Castelbajac represents Hope, and the idea that the wind carries hope these images around the world with their sharing messages, brotherhood, and love.


There may be a naive touch in this series, as Rousseau in the recent exhibition, there is a desire for things that are more of the heart than intellect. The right word to define this exhibition would be “Esperanza” in Spanish, “Espérance” in French, and
“Winds of Change” in English