by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by COURTESY | 23 July, 2018

An explosion of creative energy is the soul of the Moncler Genius project: the brand opens a new chapter, composed of diversities and free contributions that combine drawing a mosaic composed of personalities and extraordinary disparities. Ideas and approaches that are different, if not totally different from each other, very strong languages, united within a single, multiform and conceptual itinerary that Moncler wanted.
Moncler Genius is a necessary change, a continuous renewal that allows us to look beyond any aesthetic and ideological frontier.
Moncler continues to explore the infinite possibilities of his nonconformity through a special combination that resonates as an echo of his autonomy and uniqueness. It’s like reading the present in its contrasting lines to project in a future that begins now Moncler Genius is a launching platform based on a capacity for innovation and absolute technological research, driven by an unwavering confidence in creativity.

The talents that contribute to form this expressive set at the heart of the Moncler Genius project are eight; eight very different creators who embark on this extraordinary adventure. A special team in short, to represent so many creative sectors that define the identity of the brand. Moncler’s DNA is thus revealed according to these different visions, cultivating and giving free rein to the innumerable possibilities of realization that derive from it.

The world has changed” Remo Ruffini concludes, ” the digital era has given us a new strength, the consumer wants a less filtered, more direct and especially continuous report, our strategic inflection point is really an answer to this demand, but it is also for us a desire, a real desire “.