The Musée Rodin in Meudon present, from 21 May to 20 November 2016, sculptor François Stahly's (1911-2006) works, scattered in the museum and in the garden, interacting perfectly with those of Rodin.

by Team Paris Social Diary, photography by Courtesy | 22 May, 2016


“Nouveau-né géant”, by François Stahly, bronze, 1958-1966 © Pauline Hisbacq, © ADAGP, 2016



From his earliest sculptures, François Stahly (1911 – 2006) used the curves and flowing lines. Marked the start of informal art in 1948, he worked with early wood  but from 1960 he became particularly interested in stem and acts on the roots . He also carves stone and granite and executes more compact works with simplified forms.

Through irregular or geometric shapes, Stahly built parallel worlds to the vegetable and mineral.

Plastic creation lives with him in a life of its own, and the resulting objects are like have a secret breathing. Playing free curves or strange crystals, they thwart rationality and produce silent and poetic.



“Fête”, by François Stahly, bronze, 1959-1960 © Pauline Hisbacq, © ADAGP, 2016



Stahly rarely imposed with force, it only attracts the eye that wants to stop there though; remains sealed to the man in a hurry, but slowly subjugates the eye that abandons it.

His fame spread to Europe through the biennial Antwerp, Arnhem, Milan.

Comissioned by Catherine Chevillot, General conservator of Patrimony and director of the museum, along with art historian Scarlett Reliquet, the event takes place at 19 Avenue Auguste Rodin, 92190 Meudon