Oliver Saillard exit the directorate of Palais Galliera.

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by COURTESY | 29 June, 2017

Olivier Saillard, Director of the Palais Galliera, fashion museum of the City of Paris, will leave office in January 2018 after 7 years. The Museum that reopened in 2013 recover the beauty of the Palace and the rooms of current exposure. He has presented more than 28 exhibitions in situ and outside the walls.

It has contributed significantly to the enrichment of collections including the Vogue Paris Foundation for support the Palais Galliera. The second campaign of work decided by the City of Paris will lead creation of permanent Galleries at the end of 2019. In January 2018, Olivier Saillard will take on the role of director Arts, Image and Culture of the J.M.Weston House pursuing an independent activity as a commissioner exhibitions and performance writers.

“I would like to thank Olivier Saillard thanks to the Palais Galliera has experienced a tremendous growth, becoming an unavoidable place of fashion in Paris.”  -Bruno Julliard, President of Paris Museums