When Gucci meets the Parisian art scene.

by , photography by | 4 October, 2017

Gucci is becoming part of the third edition of Paris Internationale, the big institution that continues to support the young generation of galleries and the artists they represent.

The show will remain faithful to the spirit of the first two editions, but will radically move away from their aesthetics by exchanging the sumptuous decoration of the mansions of the avenue d’Iéna for the Haut Marais and a car park of several levels, a place was the headquarters of the newspaper Libération, which was co-founded by Jean-Paul Sartre in 1973 following the events of May 1968.

In this context, which resonates with the current challenges of journalism and urban development, Paris Internationale will host 55 art galleries and seven project spaces from 17 countries. Faced with the current climate of the fairs in terms of artistic production and hospitality, five emerging galleries – Crèvecœur, High Art, Antoine Levi, Sultana and Gregor Staiger – have launched Paris Internationale to develop a model conducive to new advanced initiatives in contemporary art . As an official partner, Gucci will support the opening event of Paris International, a commitment to a new generation of artists whose work needs modern patrons to emerge and develop.