Antoine Brodin, winner of the work prize of the fondation ateliers d'art de France.

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by | 6 September, 2017


The glass blower Antoine Brodin was nominated winner of the third edition of the L’Œuvre Award of the Ateliers d’Art Foundation of France for his Migration project. This monumental creation, which will be carried out in nine months with the support of the Foundation, consists of a glass-blown skeleton boat more than four meters long, as stranded, laden with questions about its origin. This powerful work, as delicate as a glass lace, will paradoxically call for an extreme sandblasting technique, developed in a personal way by the glassmaker.


Is it a bark stranded against the shore? Or a cetacean that time has stripped of its flesh and dried up to the bone? By playing on the analogy between the structure of a canoe and the skeleton of a marine mammal, Antoine Brodin assumes the trouble caused by this ageless skeleton of which it is not known whether it belongs to the living or an object created by the hand of man. Monumental installation 4.5 meters long, the project Migration seduced the jury of the Foundation by its dimensions unusual; it also attests to the know-how of a glassmaker installed in his workshop in the Ardèche for three years which will mobilize for his design the most successful techniques, overlay, blowing, sandblasting …. Made of blown glass, skeleton will be entirely “pierced” with patterns obtained by a very advanced technique of abrasion of the material. A real glass lace with moiré precious stone hues. For seven years, the project has taken on the spirit of Antoine Brodin.


“I had already equipped my workshop with an annealing arch capable of accommodating parts in length. But the Prix L’Œuvre of the Ateliers d’Art Foundation of France has the effect … of an “indécrochable”. This is how I call this smile, this feeling of fullness that seems to come from above. ”