The exhibition "Entre Sculpture et Photographie" shows, at the Musée Rodin Paris, eight artists of the late twentieth century, having practiced both sculpture and photography, in the tradition of Gustave Rodin.

by Team Paris Social Diary, photography by Courtesy | 22 May, 2016

Scénographie Jean-Michel Wilmotte 2 ©Wilmotte & Associés

Scenography by Jean-Michel Wilmotte 2 ©Wilmotte & Associés


Following the reopening of Musée Rodin Paris, this exhibition offers another form of “openness” to modern approaches to sculpture and photography.

On a proposal by Michel Frizot, co-arranged with Hélène Pinet in-charge at the museum’s Photography collection, “Between sculpture and photography” (Entre Sculpture et Photographie: huit artistes chez Rodin) is an invitation to discover eight artists of the late twentieth century who practiced front sculpture and photography closely intertwined and inseparable same.

Tulips, by Cy TWOMBLY, 1985, Impression sur papier
Trappole di luce (piège de lumière) by Giuseppe PENONE, 1995, Cristal, Photographie noir & blanc
Photography by Françoise Baussan
Metamorphose II, by Markus RAETZ, 1992 © Adagp, Paris 2016

The exhibition will present a selection of works by John Chamberlain (1927-2011), Cy Twombly (1928-2011), Dieter Appelt (born 1935), Markus Raetz (born in 1941), Mac Adams (born 1943), Gordon Matta-Clark (1943-1978), Richard Long (born 1945), Giuseppe Penone (1947), with the aim of highlighting the diversity and specificity of practical and artistic universe combining sculpture and photography, and and to propose a new approach to these techniques beyond the traditional question of their mutual influence.

The eight artists presented belong to this generation and the continuation of this attitude.

The exhibition demonstrates a significant expansion of formal and conceptual categories referred to by the terms “sculpture” and “photography” with surprising works but always convincing, working the body, material, light, landscape.