Spoof enters new ground with EMMAÜS

At the Joyce Gallery at the Royal Palace, Spoof lines itself up with EMMAÜS, in a collaboration of home decor and design.

by Team Paris Social Diary, photography by | 3 January, 2017


These two major brands together unravel the universe of decoration and styles for an expression of an unexpected re-reading of the furniture. This exhibition aims to promote anti-conformism and denounce disposable deco and waste. Is a message in favor of an alternative consumption that also helps the associations of solidarity while discovering objects remarkable for the home. It remains to be said that this exhibition, will be a live one. This means that the Spoof HOME team will live in this setting for four days from the morning to the evening and Nicolas Ouchenir, talented calligrapher and artist, will draw on vintage plates, a true creation of writing at the service of the art and the characters. Each piece of furniture and each object shown in these live performance exhibition are unique pieces that will all be offered for sale to EMMAÜS. This event will take place these January 10 to the 22 of the same month, form 9h30 to 19hr.