Une exposition de Simone Pheulpin.

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by COURTESY | 12 September, 2017



For Simone Pheulpin, textile artist, le pli it’s her language. Her fabrics are tirelessly stacked, folded, give rise to organic sculptures that tell the intense, deep, marvelous look that Simone Pheulpin focuses on nature and transcribe with an unprecedented poetry her vision of the world.

By awarding it, in its second edition in 2015, its Prix Le Créateur, an emblematic approach, the Ateliers d’Art Foundation of France has set out to highlight a personal technique unprecedented and unparalleled, the possibilities of implementation of which seem unmitigated, to the extent of the creativity of the artist. The resulting exhibition, A World of Pleas, retracing 30 years of work, will have as a showcase the Expiatory Chapel in Paris, whose space and scenery will echo contemporary works of the textile sculptor.