Chanel reveals the 3rd generation of Sublimage: The Eye Cream

by PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by COURTESY | 23 February, 2017

Always looking for the perfect attention, Chanel did a research for the creation of formulas, where each ingredient is essential and has cutting edge technology. In march of 2017, Chanel unveils the third generation SUBLIMAGE: The eye cream, taking one step further in regenerating the skin around the eyes and opening the eyes

All emotions are expressed through the eyes. Throughout its studies, Chanel’s research has gained in-depth knowledge of the signs of aging around the eyes and their consequences on the emotional expression of them. It has been shown that the opening of the eyes with its smooth uniform appearance diminishes the impression of sadness, fatigue or anxiety.
With the new generation of SUBLIMAGE: Eye cream, eyes sublimate days. Expressiveness and all signs hinder their brilliance and beauty are corrected. The SUBLIMAGE eye cream is also used as a mask to soften instantaneous fatigue signs and get immediate luminosity.