A new range of maintenance brushes, developed by Lucia Pica.

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by | 7 September, 2017


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With CHANEL BRUSHES, these essential make-up tools out of the professional sphere and are now addressed to all women, even non-experts. Global Creative Designer for Makeup and the Color of CHANEL, Lucia Pica wished to put at the reach of all women’s make-up techniques by creating a complete range brushes for complexion, eyes and lips. Reported: four brushes double-tip show particularly its philosophy and approach to

the makeup application.

“I wanted to offer my make-up techniques in the lives of all days of women. I wanted practical and easy-to-use brushes foran immediate makeup result. ”

With a guaranteed gesture, the application makeup becomes easy and intuitive all
offering a professional result. A selection of soft and silky hair, allow the product to be taken with precision and ensure perfect whatever the time or place.

Elegant and sleek, with their handle and black lacquered ferrule, THE BRUSHES
CHANEL are protected by a sheath to cover the tuft of hair.