An elevator story starring Bella Hadid, Dior and the Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion. Is there any better? We doubt it.

by Jacques Burga, photography by Dior | 10 January, 2017

Mirror, my beautiful mirror, tell me who is the most beautiful?
Bella Hadid, of course!

Hadid shows us the perfect complexion thanks to her new Diorskin products. Cool and casual. Preppy in town. Femme Fatale in evening look. She never leaves the new foundation “cushion”.

Exclusive to the “Diorskin Forever” range, which ensures a perfectly matte and luminous complexion under all circumstances has a touch of Nude Air Tan on the cheeks for a very tanned complexion, or a cloud of soft pink blush.

To draw in a flash a luscious mouth, Bella applied the Rouge Dior.  It is a pink shining day to wear the red scarlet mat Nº999.