Contrasts, textures and metallics in the new Chanel makeup collection

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by COURTESY | 13 March, 2017

For this product creation Lucia Pica, CHANEL Global Creative Makeup and Color Designer, introduces OMBRE PREMIÈRE, a new vision of eyeshadow. These OMBRE PREMIÈRE creations are all about contrast, and with their complete effect, yet nuanced way of dressing the eyelids, they invite you to explore all of their creative options.


Each artist has a signature that makes his or her work unique and singular. In Lucia Pica’s, we recognize a vibration of textures, a depth of the colour eld… To amplify an effect, Lucia Pica uses layering, an interplay of superimpositions for the most natural to the most sophisticated result. A professional technique that she wanted to make accessible, taking it out of the studios and bringing it into women’s daily lives. For OMBRE PREMIÈRE, she invents eyeshadows with two special textures, cream and powder, that allows women to play endlessly and to give more boldness to the eye. A palette of colours, textures and contrasts, not to mention opportunities.


Leaves, metals, manufactured products… At the heart of each eyeshadow lies the opposition of the plant realm and the industrial world. A collection that looks beyond the seasonality of trends. Cream eyeshadows layer over sumptuous matte, satiny or metallic powders. Colours and textures echo and complete each other to fully reveal the personality of women with its every nuance and subtlety.