Elegant red shades for CHANEL'S << Libre >> makeup collection

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by COURTESY OF CHANEL | 26 October, 2017


Gabrielle Chanel never left without her red lipstick. She made it her signature. This personal imprint is what Lucia Pica wants to transmit each woman through the RED CHANEL, Make it essential in their everyday lives.

The red Chanel, “Rouge pour la vie”, is meant to become a faithful companion while looking classic glamor and ultimate red. Makeup for the eyes, cheeks and nail polish piece together the collection by revealing also rubescent tones. Complemented with dark shades and glittering, the look also knows its hour of glory. The EXCLUSIVE CREATION, a palette of generous eye shadows, can equally well claim to become a classic at CHANEL. Ready to steal the show, it has the same vocation to be a “look for life”, thanks to its harmony of colors that will sublimate all women.