CHANEL'S new hand cream is a total must in your bag

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by Courtesy of CHANEL | 24 October, 2017


Hand creams are a must in every women’s purses. With all the daily activities one has to juggle, the summer sun, the wind blowing in the middle of winter and pollution all year round damages the skin. So naturally, to prevent their beauty and early aging, CHANEL launches La Crème Main, inspired in the hand cream created by Mademoiselle Chanel in 1927, this is an all-in-one skin care for the hands and the nails that moisturizes, velvets and brightens the skin, protecting it from the harsh environment.

The cream’s unique tube has an ergonomic design in perfect affinity with the hand. Inside the packaging, a retractable pocket contains and protects the formula. Just press on the roller to release the dosage of cream that sublimates the hands. On use, the pocket retracts, but the “shape memory” roller remains intact. Isolated from contact with the outside, the formula is protected from the air, like impurities, its case remains clean.

So, how does CHANEL manages to perfectly take care of the skin? May rose wax from the fields of Pegomas, CHANEL’s farm at Grasse, which is obtained at the time of the distillation of eurs. This precious balm ointment smoothes and softens the skin, while isolating it from external aggressions. Other eur: iris pallida, also grown in Pégomas, whose extract is known for its lightening virtues. And for maximum hydration and comfort, the formula is enriched with glycerine, hyaluronic acid and shea butter.