Start the new year with a rocking body

Victoria’s Secret Angel Bella Hadid's diet as a preparation for The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has been revealed by her nutritionist, Dr. Charles Passler.

by Alexandra Bocanegra, photography by | 3 January, 2017


The New York based nutritionist is very popular among celebrities & models for being the perfect couch on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and here he explains how.

Nutrition is key

“The object of any eating plan is to create a specific outline that will incorporate individual needs and lifestyle. To feel and look your best. Dietary changes and supplements are the key to the process”.

The importance of nature

“Nature is our hero—if a food can be plucked from nature, it is an excellent choice to eat”.


Supplements 101

“The three most important items for the majority of the population is a probiotic to support digestion, the immune system, and detoxification, magnesium to be sure the bowels are moving, and a fiber supplement to help absorb toxins and ensure bowel motility. There are plenty of other detoxification supplements on the market that can help too—the basic key ones being zinc, vitamin c, and milk thistle”.

The go-to rule

Drink a minimum of half your weight in ounces of water and remove all processed foods“.