CHANEL launches its first hydrating and densifying treatment dedicated to women over 60 years.

by Jacques Burga, photography by Courtesy | 25 July, 2016


The face is a mirror reflecting the movements of the inner life. Take care of it very carefully.

For CHANEL, every woman has her beauty, her personality, her light.

At each of the find, to express, to impose it. This unique beauty is born in the depths of his being, thrives the light that is worn on the body, feeds the confidence we agrees.
This is the key to this woven relationship of harmony, sincerity and honesty that brand has always had with women. This vision established by Mademoiselle Chanel is so strong, so universal, it passes through the years, borders and has never been current.


Just feel as a caring friend, La Crème Douce is reinvented for our ideal daily care as a brightness, comfort and well-being on a daily basis.

Always listening to women, CHANEL Research has conducted psychosensorial many studies around the world that have showed that the daily use of a skin cream increases sensitivity
touch, self-esteem and generates positive emotions.

Therefore, la Crème Douce has been specially developed for easy application and to provide an immediate benefit.

Mid-cream, half-balm, comfort, its background texture on the skin arrives instantly as a fullness cocoon.


When to use Crème Douce? It is used at morning and at night, in summer and winter, before or after a lotion.

How to use Crème Douce? With the spatula, take a pearl cream. The file on the chin, cheeks, forehead and then smooth the inside of the face outwards.

– Heat hands and put them on the entire face, fingers on the forehead, palms on the cheeks.
– Press lightly seconds inhaling slowly and focusing on these pleasant sensations: heat of hands,
the scent of the cream, the comfort that sets in, the skin that relaxes, if smoothes, flourishes ..release gently exhaling.

Repeat successively:
– The temples and outside the forehead;
– The chin and face the center;
– The lower face.