Gucci opens the doors of its new Milan Hub. Hot, hot, hot!

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by COURTESY | 3 April, 2017

The new Gucci’s Milan Hub opens its doors today, March 30, for the first time to the public of the city to host #C2CMLN, a satellite event for one of the most famous musical from Italy, the Club To Club 2017 Festival.

In September, 2016 the Hub was officially opened and hosted Gucci’s first unified parade in February 2017, with the objective of becoming a cultural exchange.This former 3,850-square-meter shed carefully restored and formerly used for final assembly Caproni aircraft will host one of the Club To Club Festival events.

Arca, venezuelan musician, producer and singer, who has collaborated with Kanye West, Björk and FKA twigs, who was recently announced a new eponymous album that will be released at XL Recordings and will perform with the creator of surrealist visuals Jesse Kanda, An exclusive Italian concert, Amnesia Scanner dubbing Young Turks with fascinating futuristic sound, British rapper Gaika and his hyper-urban grime with dancehall accents, and Toxe from the post-genus Staycore collective, which promises an exciting DJ set. Most artists who perform during the Festival are among the most influential in contemporary electronic music.