Did you hear about BIRKENSTOCK's latest campaign?

by team Paris Social Diary, photography by Jack Davison | 10 September, 2018

German big brand BIRKENSTOCK decided to highlight some of these individuals in their own environments, wearing their own shoes for their new campaign.

British photographer Jack Davison travelled around the world with the aim of capturing authentic and truly intimate portraits. Portraits that not only feature real protagonists in their real surroundings, but also their real Birkenstocks.

The campaign marks the starting point of what will become a timeless, ever-growing portfolio. The first portraits showcase photographer Ryan McGinley shot at his agent’s house in New York, his second home, actress Luna Picoli-Truffaut in her mother’s house in Paris, Ballerina Romany Pajdak in a training room in London, free skier Tom Leitner in his house, somewhere in Bavaria and New York filmmaker Sean Frank.