No other place than a Gucci place.

by team Paris Social Diary, photography by Courtesy | 19 December, 2017

 Gucci Places, a project designed to explore the different places that inspire the creativity of the Italian house around the world.

Unveiled earlier this year, Gucci Places is none other than Chatsworth in Derbyshire, England, where the Gucci-backed House Style was held. It is also in Chatsworth that Gucci has realized its Cruise 2017 advertising campaign.

Today, Gucci presents a series of other carefully selected venues to reflect the House’s iconic style and values, collectively known as Gucci Places.

The goal is to encourage each person to discover interesting and unexpected stories about these places, and to form a community. The Gucci Places project is therefore a network of places associated with Gucci, all of which have the quality of being able to surprise, arouse interest and inspire a creative response.

The new places Gucci Places are: The Angelica Library, Rome, Italy. Castello Sonnino, Montespertoli, Italy. Assouline House, London, United Kingdom. Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), Los Angeles, California, USA. Bibo, Hong Kong. Waltz, Nakameguro, Tokyo, Japan.

To give life to the Gucci Places project, the Gucci app offers a feature that allows you to get involved in the history of each place Gucci Places.

This specially configured application uses the geolocation services of the mobile device of the user and sends a push notification when it is near a place Gucci Places, to invite him to visit the site in question. Once in the place Gucci Places, the user can register via the application and earn the corresponding badge. It can collect badges from all the places recommended by Gucci, and share them on social networks.