ZUHAIR MURAD Couture Fall/Winter 2018

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by COURTESY | 9 July, 2018

In this latest collection presented by Zuhair Murad is nothing more than a dream come true, the collection Couture 2018-19 enhances the Tsars of St. Petersburg along with a sense of aristocratic opulence. Basaso in costumes of Elisabeth of Russia, known for her famous 15,000 dresses, until Anna Karenina of Tolstoy, with a great refinement of elegance.

The designs range from an ivory-colored bustier, adorned with organic motifs, along with majestic gold earrings, adding sparkle to the catwalk. You can also see long sleeve designs with sophisticated pronounced necklines, enhanced with blue guipure trimmings, combined with Venetian velvet, adding embroidery with sparkling stones that delineate arabesques, reminiscent of the Fabergé eggs. It includes velvety layers of bronze, with a soft and powerful sensation.

This femininity is layered with the military wear of the time. In a country where each professional stratum was codified through nationally approved uniforms, this nod to regulation adds a rigorous and masculine touch to the collection. Boyar-inspired jackets are motifs of scored royal eagles, badges and details with laces. This hybridity is also expressed in a short dress with A-shaped beads with blood sequins with a military collar and sleeves; a satin khaki coat duchess raised with gold silk thread and paired with matching shorts, or a blue celadon jumpsuit with chiffon sleeves and a floor sweep layer.

The bridge of masculine and feminine, of ornamentation and functionality, two generally opposite worlds, reflects the modern woman of today.