A baroque spirit for christmas

Santoni the italian luxury shoe brand & Rubelli the unique fabric firm known for their traditional techniques, collaborated in a special collection for his holiday.

by Team Paris Social Diary, photography by Courtesy | 1 December, 2016


Santoni and Rubelli continue their artistic collaboration. Although representing different worlds, both companies perfectly include all the elements of the “Made in Italy”, renowned all over the world.


The Venetian brand Rubelli has been associated with unique fabrics  since the end of the 19th century. Santoni’s focused on craftsmanship and use of top quality materials and meticulous attention to detail. Proving itself successful from the very beginning, this formula has led Santoni to become a solid establishment recognized internationally.




Rubelli’s fabric meets Santoni’s feminine shoes. The result is a collection of pumps and slippers featuring the famous “Queen Anne” fabric, one of the oldest and most appreciated creations of Rubelli. A selection of flat slippers enhanced by leather tassels, fabric featuring floral tone on tone decorations.

Stiletto pumps pay homage to the Baroque spirit of the Venetian brand and the result is unexpected; the never-ending play of contrasts proves once again to be the winning approach.



This limited edition collection, created to celebrate the Christmas Holidays, is now available on Santoni’s online boutique.