Marni men Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by COURTESY | 17 June, 2017



Lost and found.
Enjoying life as an act of self-discovery.

A well to do boy falls in permanent vacation.
Giving up rules, allowing randomness to shape his own bits and pieces.
His encounters with strangers turn into garments, liberally.
He dresses himself like he was collecting.
His pride is the nobility of coincidence.

Items left behind, items to be retrieved.

The boy is on a journey, hitchhiking through the city.
In a state of dreamy haze, he keeps toying with disparate archetypes:
the trench, the safari jacket, the clerk pants, the suit, the windbreaker.
XS, M, L:  his game of sizing is absent-minded.
Ingenuity urges him to paint his shirts, and he enlists the artist Magdalena Suarez to do so.

Automatisms and surreality.

A daydreamer, the boy falls asleep to wake up dressed anew.
Did he change overnight? Did dreams turn into clothes?

Everydayness and symbolism.

Office wear, on holiday.
A tie, for the beach and tiny sailboats on the suit.
Tailored tropical wool, for the boat.
Jamaican nods and bits of the 20s.

Misaligned pinstripes, askew neckties. Shrunken, unfinished knits.
Maillots de bain that turn into t-shirts, running bibs for imaginary runs in canvas sneakers and striped shorts.

The boy finds meaning in the unexpected, enlightenment in letting things happen.
He knows that fate and chance know better.
In poignant abandon, he finds himself.