Fête Impériale opens the doors of its Galerie-Atelier in Marais

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by COURTESY | 15 June, 2017


Fête Impériale opens a hybrid place in the heart of the Marais. This space on the border of genres, mixes the impertinent and ultra-feminine codes of the designer. It is also the jewel of the collections, its archives and an inspirational gallery. The spaces are linked but not alike; Atmosphere boudoir for the shop and the living room. Sobriety and modernity opened the showroom, the way of the kitchen of a chef in full effervescence. The workshop thus offers a unique experience to the passionate visitors of fashion.

The universe of the brand takes on its full dimension in the new gallery-workshop. Laura Gauthier-Petit develops there a transversal art of living, specific to her vision of creation. Fête Impériale is a fashion house but above all a story of women playing on the meeting between Liane de Pougy, mythical Parisian cocotte and Debbie Harry, iconic pioneer of the 80’s rock scene. An encounter between the eras, which navigates between cheeky sophistication and natural elegance.