Jil Sanders present its new FALL/WINTER 2018 MENSWEAR collection

by Team Paris Social Diary, photography by Courtesy | 19 January, 2018

For this line, the inspiration was to look thowards the future. The result? A collection that shows a strong futuristic feel with a warm, human touch.

For the silhouette, we see a familiarity that it’s out of its proportions, a modern twist. Layering creates asymmetrical forms giving depth and a thermal functioning to essential pieces. A warm, human touch has been given to the clothes and a rawness and slight imperfection

The fabrics present through raw edge cutting and washed shrunken wool details.


“The collection, while forward-looking in inspiration, is created for the present. The lining construction on tailored pieces both supports the garment and gives the wearer an ease of movement created by horizontal cuts. Contrast stitching emphasizes this construction. Movement is also enhanced through cut out forms at the elbows and armholes on outerwear and shirts.”

For the color pallette, we can see a big use of warm whites against tones of grey, beige and green. The colors seem to borrow elements from each other creating rich and balanced variations of different hues. Also present are black and the identically dark navy of Jil Sander.

The collection represents how modern techniques and silhouettes can produce as a result, an elevated refinement. It´s not about a futuristic technology, rather an idea of a positive and attractive future.