ALESSANDRO MICHELE to unveil the 2020 CRUISE COLLECTION in the capital Museums in Rome

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by CORTESÍA | 12 March, 2019

To this opportunity GUCCI‘s creative director, Alessandro Michele, continues his dialogue with the old world, this time inspired by one of his childhood places. Located on Capitol Hill, the Musei Capitolini offers a unique perspective on the ancient history of ancient Rome through a rich collection of antiques.

Alessandro Michele keep up with creative conversations with antiquity, as evidenced by the Autumn Pre-collection of 2019 photographed in the archaeological sites of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Selinunte, as a true contemporary “tableau vivant”. By revealing and immortalizing the collections in these exceptional places, Gucci highlights its unique artistic heritage. Reviewed with modernity by Alessandro Michele, these historical sites have been imagined for the generations of today and tomorrow.

For several seasons, Gucci’s Croisière parades have been unveiled in places with great historical and artistic potential: after the DIA-Art Foundation in New York, the cloister of Westminster Abbey in London, the Palatine Gallery of Pitti Palace in Florence , the Angelica Library in Rome and the Roman necropolis The Alyscamps in Arles, the Capitoline Museums in Rome open a new chapter

Over the next two years, Gucci will support a restoration project of Rupa Tarpea, the rocky ridge located on the south face of the Capitol. The story goes that until the first century BC, traitors condemned to death were thrown down the “Tarpian rock”, ending their fatal fall in the Roman forum below to symbolize their atonement of the Eternal City. Essentially composed of a porous rock, the tufa, and exposed to erosion and marks of time, the Rupa Tarpea is today an exceptional natural site.