by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by COURTESY | 24 May, 2018

CHANEL invites us again to an olfactory adventure with sensations, summarized in its spring collection 2018.

This collection is called “LES EAUX DE CHANEL”, CHANEL WATERS is a line where it evokes and immerses us in a sensory freshness, immediate and persistent. Being able to transfer ourselves to a journey of sensations of being on the edge of the sea and freedom.

The concept used for these fragrances is Gabrielle Chanel, based on her three most beloved places.
THE WATERS OF CHANEL opens a new olfactory sensory wording Designed by the perfumer Olivier Polge – in collaboration with the Laboratory
of Creation and Development of Perfumes CHANEL, PARIS-DEAUVILLE, PARIS-BIARRITZ and PARIS-VENISE initiates a generous gesture in a bottle with clean and sensual lines.


Deauville is the destination of Parisians for the weekend. The ideal place for
Sell your first creations, breaking with the codes of time.

Olivier Polge decides to avoid olfactory inventories. “More than destiny in your
own reality, I liked the idea that the inhabitants of the city dream of a green weekend” says Olivier Polge.” It is not the Norman countryside as it exists that was looking for capture, but rather the promise of a walk in the medium of tall grass “PARIS-DEAUVILLE offers us an immersion in a bitter green and biting, a color that captures and oxygen body.First we feel the invigorating energy of orange peel, petit-grain leaves and basil, so aromatic. The essence of rose and jasmine notes straighten the wear of the head
impeccable, proudly assuming the floral heart of the composition.


In 1920, Mademoiselle finds herself inconsolable. To start the memory of Boy Capel, tragically disappeared in a car accident in December 1919, Gabrielle Chanel achieved on this trip, the knowledge of a city on the borders of cultures and the East, Venice gives a taste for life .

The creation of CHANEL PARIS-VENISE Water is inspired so much by the long journey in Orient-Express that separates the French capital from the Italian city, that of fate alone“, explains the perfumer Olivier Polge. An accent of red berries whispers with iris and Grasse geranium, acid and floral, the fusion of cedar wood and the making of amber chords become a whisper. We smell the vanilla note and the oriental aromas heat the skin without taking power. Venice has never been so accessible.


In 1915, just two years after the launch of her first collection in Deauville, Gabrielle Chanel inaugurated a new space in Biarritz. The station of the Basque Coast is the place of Resort of the High Society of the time from the 19th century. Taking advantage of the worldly and tourist attraction of Biarritz, the visionary chooses Villa de Larralde to set up her shop, right next to the Casino, the big hotels and the beach.

Olivier Polge decides to energize the leader of the stele with a flying grapefruit and tangerine. Accompanied by a watery note, citrus fruits pave the way for a lily of the valley arrangement. Below the formula, vetiver is mixed with white musky notes to amplify the tonic sensations. PARIS-BIARRITZ regenerate immediately. It’s like a cold bath under the sun, a deep and powerful breath.