Big and Cozy

Fashion for all occasions on Jil Sander Women’s collection Pre Fall 17

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by courtesy | 30 January, 2017

The oversize forms and volumes surround the feminine body, they do not redefine it.

The Jil Sander woman is a urban woman, and the clothes she wears have fluid, sleek lines that allow her to move freely.

The silhouette accompanies the body, shrouded and protected as if it was a cover. The knitwear is present, either discreet or prominent, as with the asymmetrical garments. The volumes free the body and don’t bind it.

The soft cashmere wool is paired with the crips cotton, black collides with pure white, the androgynous, slinky clothes match with the voluminous forms, a play of contrasts interrupted only by the glossy jewelry, opposed to the opaque materials. The colors palette renews the codes of the house.

White and black, broke up by garments in dark blue, rust and bordeaux.