Lanvin Men's Summer Collection 2018

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by COURTESY | 27 June, 2017


Lanvin 2018 men’s summer collection by Lucas Ossendrijver combine two opposing elements, workwear and tailoring, which creates newness throughout the collection. Elegance is born from experimentation. Sportswear influences in its own way.  Experimenting with fabric and tailoring research are very dear to Lucas Ossendrijver and can be found throughout the collection. On a shirt, printed faces are those of anonymous people encountered in the street whose portraits were painted by a Montmartre artist. From all these mixtures is born a certain poetry which impregnates the entire collection.


“How can we continue to be creative in these chaotic times?”, “We are continuously inundated with information, we move from one thing to the next without stopping, we have a limited attention span. Normally, I try to fight trends and try other things but the only answer to the question in the end was to accept this movement and use it positively to continue moving forward. This gave meaning to the notion of zapping from one thing to the next and combining opposing elements to see what could happen. You can always see poetry, even in chaos. I believe it’s my duty, after all, to find softness and elegance in everything. “   -Lucas Ossendrijver