CHANEL opens an ephemeral store in BON MARCHÉ RIVE GAUCHE on the first floor from June 2 to 24, dedicated to the COCO CRUSH collection.

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by COURTESY | 5 June, 2018

CHANEL presents COCO LAB, an ephemeral laboratory of 35 m² where each visitor is invited to make a diagnosis of their dependence on COCO CRUSH jewelry, in a course composed of different examination spaces.

The waiting room
The visitor is received by a laboratory technician, in which he explains and shows him the way to be taken throughout his career.

The test of sight
It is an optometry test with a Monoyer scale from which some letters are blurred so that the visitor sees “clearer”, the laboratory assistant gives the patient a pair of corrective lenses. That’s when the letters become COCO CRUSH.

Space cardiology
The patient is installed in a chair with a screen in front of him, where he can observe and hear the beating of his heart. The lab assistant presents you with several images. First a quiet and relaxing landscape with a jewel, rhythms and sounds COCO CRUSH which are regular. The second visual heart rate accelerates. Finally, in view of the last visual, COCO CRUSH sounds, the heart goes crazy and the sound pulsations increase.

The space of the microscope
The laboratory assistant looks at his microscope and mutters COCO CRUSH COCO
CRUSH without stopping. When asked to observe the microscope, the patient sees COCO CRUSH, multiplying as cells. In turn, the patient must describe what he saw, while the assistant performs a medical prescription.

Once the diagnosis is complete, the visitor will leave with a personalized recipe, will be invited to taste the jewelry that COCO CRUSH recommends and organizes in a fort in the sales area of the collections.