Because revisiting the past makes a better future

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by COURTESY | 13 October, 2017

The excessive pace of technological advances is either exhilarating or worrying for everyone. This dichotomy make the designers at Dita’s creative studio to reflect on revolutionary innovation and perceive the hopes and dangers of scientific advances.

Transport is a classic example of how much technology has evolved, making the perfect inspiration to recreate retro styles like the iconic cat’s eye, now equipped with a more futuristic touch.
Sun-drenched desert landscapes of the dystopian films inspire the Nacht-One model. Relic of the 90’s boosted by injection molded eyelets and a titanium front bar, details inspired by retro motorcycle glasses.
The very graceful Revoir cat eye model offers a more optimistic vision of the future: its pressed titanium frame takes on the appearance of wings while the glasses take the form of solar sails that will propel a new generation of explorers in the countries the most distant of our galaxy.
Endurance 88 revisits an exciting chapter of the great years of motor racing and vehicles of the 80’s. the stainless steel plate in the center of the mount acts as an anchor for the titanium side panels.
Flight-Seven is a square aviator that pays tribute to the supersonic military aircraft of the 1970s. Made of Japanese beta titanium, its extremely fine frame merges visionary design and comfort.

Check out the extremely retro and futuristic collection below.