Effortless classic signature

Stella McCartney present her tailoring winter collection 2017 inspired by the british equestrian.

by Team Paris Social Diary, photography by Courtesy | 7 March, 2017

Conveying harmony in head-to-toe soft jersey tailoring in shades of honey, sand, Havana, biscuit and grey. Minimal at first sight, each silhouette is rich in detail and materials; Japanese wool, cotton, alter suede and velvet paired together to create subtle tonal layering.

Functional and pragmatic, organic raw denim, jumpsuits, and coats are belted to toughen up the attitude.  Staying true to the brand’s ethical principles, skin-free-skin appears in tonal midnight alter leather and alter suede.

A modern incarnation of the pointed bra is hidden under knitwear darted at the bust or sewn into tops and dresses creating a permanent, structured overstitched cup.  All the fabrics used throughout are slotted against each other like the pieces of an intricate jigsaw, and come together to create Bricolage looks.