Ellery present its Couture Spring-Summer 2018 and Fall-Winter 2018 Chapter 1 Collection

by Team Paris Social Diary, photography by Courtesy | 24 January, 2018

Ellery presents its first couture show by approaching the traditional art form with the intelligent women in mind.

“I want to make clothing for a woman who dresses for herself – not for anyone else. This a celebration of a new ELLERY woman and as a woman myself I want nothing more than to create clothing from a female point of view.” – Kym Ellery

Volumes, inventions and the connection between the masculine and feminine are present in the collection, true to their style. The presence of embroidery, craftsmanship and embellishment are applied with irony.
The delicate lace with a marked graphic is covered with a tailoring that softens the silhouette.

Pieces that took more than 120 hours of manual work, like a skirt that was constructed with forty meters of French silk twill, are part of the low-waist dresses. The pieces of jewelry capture the essence of the collector’s collection; vases torn from the mantelpiece, feminine forms, sculpted in abstract arrangements, while gold, silver and amber combine in artistic harmony.  The shoes are another example of evolution, boots with square tips and high heels shoes made of marble resin, are some of the pieces of footwear that were seen. “Collect and be appreciated” is a continuous feeling that extends through the brand. This new chapter strikes a balance between the history of brands and their future, one that will continue to strive to empower women of excellence.