Vincezo Spring Summer Collection 2018

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by COURTESY | 23 September, 2017

The new collection of Marco Vincenzo, designer born in Messina, comes inspired on the island of Sicily, called Ultrapharum and Triskelion, ancient names given to this island, mysterious-sounding words that evoke psychedelic pleasures, feisty voyages or subterranean parties through tops, ornaments and accessories.
The Trinacria, the heraldic sign that represents Sicily as a three-legged head, is presented as a gleaming patch, either alone or multiplied in optical sequences.
Vincenzo, with this collection returns to his original home with a clash of contrasts, using unexpected and intensely forged inventions as his narrative and summer literally as a framework: the endless holiday season and the outdoors, cotton are tied to the backs of macramé, shirts handy to floating tops, slipdresses ruffled to more frills. Their repertoire offers a lot of summer essentials, giving a psychedelic twist: loose fabrics and flared pants, black jerseys and shiny pants, small diving jackets and flowing party dresses. The classic movie posters re-aired in the local cinema are embroidered in demure bags, while sunglasses have oversized degraded shapes and shoes come in all heights and degrees of eccentricity, from flats to stripes extravagances The journey comes with a mantra: Put it all together. That is what Sicily is after all: a harmony of the contrasts.