New GUCCI project on social networks: Gucci Bloom Acqua Di Fiori

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by COURTESY | 3 May, 2018

Acqua di Fiori is the new launch of GUCCI for its GUCCI BLOOM campaign, a proposal worked with female artists, launched on social networks by the Maison.


                                                            Illustration by Joana Avillez


 Illustration by Frances Cannon                                                     Illustration by Frances Cannon


The ingredients of the perfume, such as green galbanum and cassis buds, as well as personal stories, were elements of inspiration for artists from around the world, symbolizing the iconic pale pink bottle.


Phoebe Collings, will evoke through his illustrations the metamorphosis associated with poetry including colors, highlighting delicate faces by Langley, including the floral concept by Fox Hemingway. Capricious drawings, representing women and nature thanks to Frances Cannon, Emma Allegretti highlights her chemical experiences in childhood, Miessy combines abstract forms and writing, the click “super women” that interacts with elements of perfume by Joana Avillez.



                                                        Illustration by Phoebe Collins

                                                   Illustration by Fox Langley



                                                        Illustration by Joy Miessi