Gucci announces the reopening of its renovated boutiques in Cannes, Saint-Tropez and Monaco in the south of France

by team Paris Social Diary, photography by Courtesy Gucci | 15 April, 2018

These three spaces will feature large collections of ready-to-wear clothing, bags, luggage, leather goods, shoes, jewelery, watches, scarves, belts, eyewear and accessories for men and women. for women. To mark the occasion, a limited edition Dionysus emerald suede handbag set with rhinestones will be sold exclusively in each of these three stores.

The recently launched Gucci Décor collection will be available in the Cannes boutique, while the Monaco collection will present a selection of fine jewelery pieces.

Contrasting merchandising elements represent the different creative codes that combine to create curiosity and give customers the feeling of constantly discovering new aspects of each Gucci boutique, which becomes a cabinet of curiosities created to delight and inspire.

The interior atmosphere is steeped in discretion, with combinations of unexpected materials creating a dramatic, yet sober, tension. Each shop has its own color: aqua green in Cannes, lemon yellow in Saint-Tropez and blue sky in Monaco.

The furniture echoes the color palette to produce a unique overall effect. The shops feature sumptuous armchairs and round tables, as well as vintage textured carpet overlays, to give life to attractive, surprising and typically Gucci spaces.