A capsule collection with a bit of glitter for a touch of glamour to your everyday attire

by Jacques Burga, photography by Courtesy | 20 July, 2016

Karl and Choupette are invited as the guests of honor at a extravagant casino cocktail party for this Capsule unique collection. As one can imagine, Karl is wearing his Tuxedo and Choupette dazzling with her glitters accessories

See the full collection below:

The "Kocktail" Cat Shopper
The "Kocktail" Card Holder
The "Kocktail" pouch
The "Kocktail" pourtefeuille
The "Kocktail" Crossbody
The "Kocktail" Cat shopper
The "Kocktail" travel tag
The "Kocktail" crossbody
The "Kocktail" necklace
The "Kocktail" clutch
The "Kocktail" shopper
The "Kocktail" sneaker