by PARIS SOCIAL DIARY TEAM, photography by COURTESY BY LOUIS VUITTON | 11 October, 2017

In the heart of Paris, at The Louvre, the most visited museum in the world. A place where history palpitates, the Louis Vuitton House finds special resonance, that bizarre mood where past and present are everlastingly in tune. There is talk of anachronism for this collection spring-summer 2018.

Is it possible to awake clothes of yesterday to animate them in our lives today?
It was during a visit to the Met, in New York, that Nicolas Ghesquière, in front of the costumes of the French aristocracy of the eighteenth century, wanted to push this reflection on the perennial style. The refinement of formal dress, all these brocades, these fine embroideries, the extreme delicacy of the old costume, are mingled with the dynamism and relaxation of modern life. The melancholy of a dress can be combined with sneakers creating a more laid back look.

It is in this stylistic softness that the Louis Vuitton House crosses time and harmonizes the ages.