GUCCI presents Harry Styles in the Men's Tailoring Fall / Winter 2018-2019 Campaign

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by COURTESY | 5 June, 2018

FISH & CHIPS, is a restaurant where you find breaded cod served with French fries and mashed potatoes, better known in London with “Chippy”, it was the place chosen by GUCCI, thanks to its good lighting where they include a service counter, tiled walls and pastel and white combinations. Customers queue and at the same time enjoy conversations while waiting for orders. All this was taken into account for the presentation of his photo session that we can see in this month of June by all social media.

GUCCI chose the young English musician Harry Styles as his pro. The singer-songwriter and actor appears in different Gucci costumes, which includes two Heritage models (one with a printed bee and gray ink, the other light canvas of a green nebula) coordinated with vests, a bathrobe splash blue gingham checkered maxi shark and dark beige worn as a cape, a dark green New Marseille mohair jacket with a decorative collar with embroidered details and a Genova maxi-wool jacket with white caviar and oats with a New York Yankees patch. The contemporary style combines the wardrobe with classic shirts and ties, as well as shirts, moccasins, sandals and casual sneakers without buttoning.

Harry Styles enters FISH & CHIPS with chickens and dogs. He places his order and shares it with the animals in a sequence reminiscent of the famous photos and scenes of English films.