Margherita Missoni is in Barcelona, being part of the 080 Barcelona Fashion.

by SERGIO CORVACHO, photography by SERGIO CORVACHO | 28 June, 2017

Margherita Missoni is in Barcelona, being part of the 080 Barcelona Fashion, city that she knows very well, she lived here. She is giving a message about personal style, consciousness and traditional values, all wrapped in a seductive and smart package named Margherita Missoni.

Her family, the legendary house of Missoni, recognized by their famous patterns, is her influence on her resent plans. The boho-chic lifestyle , the same movement that identifies them, is also the inspiration behind her new line for kids. Her idea is coming from a source which sees the market lacking of a Missoni style , and she decided to target the prices in a very affordable way, available to the new generation of parents which includes her as a new mom.

Margherita Missoni is inspired by mixing. Every piece is mixable and there is no rules to wear them. Margherita was rised by her family in order to develop an style of her own, creating an identity and universe unique to her.



Margherita admires personally one of her best friends, Tatiana Santo Domingo, she has a unique style, which is very free. Tatiana is always inspired by her trips and her way of mixing the pieces she gets everywhere, and how she puts them together, that created her a distinctive style. Margherita has her own and particular style, experimenting color even with her own hair which is a sort of emerald green on the tips at the moment, totally impredictible, yet flattering on her.

Her main style icon and example of life is her grandmother Rosita , who is the one that taught her since the very beginning of her life that life goes beyond an outfit, there are several things in life which deserved to be experienced and lived, and that is part of being Italian, the passion they have to live life.