Meet Verbreuil

French hand-made bags made at perfection

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by COURTESY | 19 January, 2017


VERBREUIL is a parisian house of haute-maroquinerie offering a range of handbags with a pure and powerful design. All the products are handmade in France by master craftsmen using only very high-quality leathers.

The collection of haute-maroquinerie combines an original design with pure and harmonious lines to exceptional craftsmanship and materials. Those codes are the signature of a discreet luxury which is here to stay.

Each detail has been very carefully thought through and worked on until it could satisfy the level needed for the brand : side that open like a fan, rounded crocodile handle, small triangle feet, crocodile zipper pull.

All skins are carefully selected one by one and they come from the best tannery of France and Europe. Their selection is made to enhance the pure lines and design of the bags by a subtle play on materials.

All the bags from the collection have a lambskin lining which is giving them a specific touch synonym with luxury, softness and feminity. The handmade making, the specificities of each skin and the choice of all distinct leather pieces make each VERBREUIL bag unique.