Gucci launches the ad campaign for Spring/Summer 2017

by Team Social Diary Team, photography by | 16 December, 2016


Photographer Glen Luchford, takes us to a journey to the roots of Gucci, full with artists, intellectuals, creatives and outsiders sweep the streets of Rome to celebrate eccentricity, surrealism and ‘strangeness. In this romantic city, our characters walk alongside wild beasts roaming freely, offer a bunch of grapes to a giraffe during an open-air dinner, welcome tigers and lions home while they watch television.gu497_ss17-campaign_sp_crops_14_150dpi

Inspired by generations of intellectuals and artists who regarded Rome as their homeland, the campaign pays tribute to personalities such as Cy Twombly, Mario Schifano and Laura Betti. This new ad campaign for the the Spring/Summer collection will launch on the1st of January.