The last chapter of the BLUMARINE STORIES has arrived

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by Courtesy | 12 December, 2017

For this last chapter of Blumarine stories, Manon Gicquel, shows the model Georgia Fowler in Villa Ottolenghi in Acqui Terme. This special project sees the creation of six video stories that celebrate the values of the brand. These values also represent the six chapters of the book Anna Molinari Blumarine, published to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the maison. “Every piece of clothing creates worlds and imageries, extraordinary narratives that speak to all of us. Like a visual novel, a special place of the imagination that is also a tribute to the many shades of the complex feminine sensitivity” – Anna Molinari.

Check the video online on the website
It also allows you to immediately buy the clothes worn by the model.