A project for the restoration, preservation and Boboli's historic gardens development.

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by COURTESY | 5 April, 2017

GUCCI, the florentine brand and fashion and luxury leader, announces a cultural project, “The Primavera di Boboli“. The brand collaborates with the Uffizi Gallery and the city of Florence, where Gucci’s fashion show Cruise 2018 will take place.

The Palatine Gallery of Palazzo Ptti will be the stage, the show will take place on 29 May.  The Gucci Cruise show offers a true sensory experience beyond the visual framework. Guests will gather in the Palatine Gallery of Pitti Palace for a unique journey through the wonders of Renaissance Florence.

This cultural project is organized under the patronage of the Minister of Cultural Heritage, Activities and Tourism and financed by the municipality of Florence, foresees a partnership with the Uffizi Gallery. The goal is to restore, enhance and to preserve the Boboli Gardens. Gucci will contribute 2 million euros to the project and pay this amount to the Uffizi Gallery over three years.

 The Boboli Gardens date back to the end of the 16th century.  It stretch over 33 hectares and constitute a unique green space combining sculpture, architecture, landscaping and plantations. Their unique ecosystem houses plantations brought back to Tuscany from around the world centuries ago.

“This collaboration is a tremendous opportunity to showcase and preserve the cultural splendor of Florence, and I want to thank all the institutions that contribute to it. Gucci is a global brand strongly rooted in Florence. The success of our artistic director, is based on the know-how, the spirit of innovation, the passion and the talents of the craftsmen and all the other collaborators.” –Marco Bizzarri, CEO of Gucci