SANTONI presents a collection of shoes for every type of woman

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by Courtesy | 14 December, 2017

11a_Santoni_FW17-18_Engel 105 Violet & Bronze
11b_Santoni_FW17-18_Engel 50 Violet & Bronze
12_Santoni_FW17-18_Paris Violet and Bronze
10_Santoni_FW17-18_Holly Boot Violet & Bronze


Different options for different styles, from high-heel pumps to flat loafers, all sharing the Rubelli fabric featuring classic patterns in the shades of purple and bronze.

The Santoni | Rubelli collection are ideal accessories for celebrating the New Year in style. Each precious piece will highlight even the most austere and traditional dress. An irresistible choice that won’t let you walk by unnoticed.