Rose gold everything

Sharing secrets and tips with mexican jewelry designer Sara Beltran

by Jacques Burga, photography by COURTESY | 3 February, 2017

Inside mexican Sara Beltran’s parisian appartment: an ode to the ocean, it’s creatures and jewelry poetry.


PARIS SOCIAL DIARY: How are you this week?

Sara Beltran: I am great I am very happy to be here in Paris it’s very relaxing for me and very inspiring every time I am here.

PARIS SOCIAL DIARY: What about your personal style?

Sara Beltran: I am very comfortable.

PARIS SOCIAL DIARY: How would you describe mexican style?

Sara Beltran: Very happy and rich in textures and colors and materials.

PARIS SOCIAL DIARY: What makes a good jeweler?

Sara Beltran: Having a good eye being passionate about your work.

PARIS SOCIAL DIARY: Are you interested in any other industry?

Sara Beltran: I love interior Design.


PARIS SOCIAL DIARY: Your brand is inspired by the sea and Art Deco.

Sara Beltran: It’s always been inspired by the ocean and the last couple of years also Art Deco.

PARIS SOCIAL DIARY: What other elements and other sources inspire you?

Sara Beltran: Discovering materials always inspired me.
PARIS SOCIAL DIARY: Describe the DEZSO woman.

Sara Beltran: It’s the woman that loves the perfection of the imperfection as everything I do its hand made. They love dezso because they like how also the jewelry has turn into a lifestyle that it’s a mixed of Mexico/India/Paris/NY/Tulum. Dezso was inspired by my passions. It’s a reflection of the way I live. I am the brand.
PARIS SOCIAL DIARY: Favorite places to go on vacations?

Sara Beltran: Anywhere where I can enjoy quality life time but I can say love going to the beach and be bare foot.


PARIS SOCIAL DIARY: What do you plan for 2017 and on? 

Sara Beltran: I am very excited to start looking for a nice space to open my studio again in NY so People can come and experience the whole brand. I love showing my show and talking about the whole process and my passions.

PARIS SOCIAL DIARY: What would be your biggest dream?

Sara Beltran: I dream everyday I am very great full to do everyday what I love.


Favorite jewellry designer: I love Taffin, I am fascinated with the work he does with ceramic and mix of materials. 

Favorite restaurant in Mexico: Contratar.

Paris or New York?:  Both.

Los Cabos or Tulum?: Tulum.

Favorite item on your closet and why?: My kimonos I collect them and love wearing them I feel very comfortable and sexy on them.

Rive gauche or Rive droit and why?: Rive gauche because my apt it’s here and I love to walk around the galleries.

Silver or Gold?: Rose gold.

Jaipur or El Paso?: Both very important in my life.