The musical duo perfectly embody the spirit of the Marella ART.365 collection.

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by | 7 September, 2017


The movement is the key concept of the images and videos that present the sisters as protagonists of the Marella Fall / Winter 2017 project, online since early September 2017. In the streets of the capital or on stage, in a hotel room or on the terrace of their home in Hollywood, the two sisters are dressed in fluid drawings of the collection Marella ART.365.




The background presents the graphic architecture of a modern metropolis with the underlying beat of the hit “Julian”, written and interpreted by the duo. The key concept of the collection, in black and white, is reflected in the aesthetic movement of the two women when they sway and interact – one, solar blonde and sensual, the other, sophisticated and expressive brown day and night. Say Lou Lou’s latest album will be released in January 2018 and will be followed by an international tour.






Launched as a collection in 1976 and as an independent company in 1988, Marella is a feminine brand with a glamorous, contemporary and easy to wear offer. Combining seasonal trends with Italian design, the wide range of products in the collection includes coats, jackets, dresses, accessories, designed for modern and dynamic women who want to love and be loved.




With a 40-year experience, Marella has consolidated its market position as a highly professional company, based on a product-oriented culture, which always strives to maintain a balance between quality and price for its customers.